The last couple of weeks have found me doing the last few jobs to clean up the “Sniagrab” sale, doing the TV show in Park City and fighting a nasty cold. Why is it that we do great all Summer long and then when the season starts to change, the colds kick in?? I don’t get it…

A week ago we took Emi and my nephew Marcos on a hike up on the Crest trail in Big Cottonwood Mountain. It was a mixed hike. Snow, ice, mud, fall colors….. perfect!!

Trail head to Crest trail..

Fall colors

Lone tree

.. More Fall colors, looking toward Park City

Fall here in Utah is amazing!! Texas is nice too… just not as colorful.

Last week I took Friday off and flew to Dallas with Lelani for a little get away. Actually it was a trip for Lelani to go to NASCAR driving school. This will be our 3rd attempt to do it.. both of the previous time it was rained out.

The flight was uneventful….

playing with the camera.. we get bored..

Final approach to DFW..

We landed and went straight to the hotel to check in and then the “food” discussion started. You see, when we go to Texas, there are certain places we need to get our food fix from.. I have my list, Lelani has hers…

My List

— Gringo’s (when in Houston)

— Spring Creek BBQ

— Salt Grass steak house

— Any place that makes southern food (Catfish, greens, cornbread, chicken..)

Lelani’s list

— Pappasitos’s Cantina

— Any steak house

— Any place with Blue Bell ice cream

So as we’re being seated at Pappasito’s.. she starts thinking out loud.. “I wonder if they have Blue Bell ice cream..” We got the chips and guacamole. They do have the best…


Yes it’s true, we’re real good at making pigs of ourselves. Mom would’ve been proud. After dinner, we slowly waddled out to the car.. that hurt.. too much, too fast.

I need to point out how much I love the technology of GPS. Especially in big cities like Dallas or Houston.. as many times as we have been there, I still get turned around.. anyway, we made it back to the hotel. Thank you NASA for the GPS idea..

The next day we decided it was time to recapture our inner child by going to Six Flags Over Texas….

Six Flags Superman ride

The roller coasters there are unbelievable!!! We both had big stupid smiles on our faces most of the day. We did how ever decide that after a particularly fast, spinning, jerky ride… we needed a rest. Woow.. dizzy happens fast… so we sat and uploaded pix to our Facebook.. just like kids do..

Needless to say, we had a blast!! I’m so lucky to have a buddy that loves to play as hard as I do… sometimes more… on the way back to the hotel (which was in walking distance.. 2 blocks), we stopped for lunch at this cool looking brew pub. It was real cool!! The food was awesome too.. We had to start the meal off with a Texas famous dish…. fried pickles!! Big mistake… I also had Catfish (refer to previous list above)… I could have made a healthier choice.

Two blocks in the opposite direction is Ranger stadium… Yeah… World Series is in town..AND WE DIDN’T GET TICKETS!!! So we walked over there anyway.. just to be part of the fun..

World Series banner

Rangers stadium

Home of the Texas Rangers

Budweiser Clydesdales

Check out the dog..

Texas stadium.. where the Cowboys play

I looked over my shoulder and saw this shot of the “Cowboys home”.. literally across the street.

What a cool experience. We started walking back toward the hotel and stopped by some tailgaters that had a big screen TV in their pick-up and watched the national anthem… I have to say how impressed I was with this group.. everybody stood up, all the men removed their hats, everyone covered their hearts and then gently reminded everyone walking by to “take off that damn hat!” I have always been touched by the deep patriotic attitude of most Texans.. as we were watching the final notes of the anthem… on cue we all looked up in the sky as 4 F-18’s screamed over head with afterburners blasting… it seemed all in the group got emotional. As I looked at Lelani, we laughed… cause we were crying too..

Back at the hotel, we turned on the TV and watched the Rangers lose to the Cardinals. It was brutal…

That night a massive storm rolled in. Lightening, wind and threat of tornadoes.. at least Lelani thought so. I had forgotten how loud the thunder is in Texas. Holy Crap!! It kept both of us awake most of the night. Lelani kept a close lookout for tornadoes.. not sure why, but she did. Must have worked, no tornadoes hit us.. just rain. The power went out too. That brought back memories of all those nasty storms when we lived in Houston.. including hurricane Ike. That sucked…

Sunday we planned to go to the race track. Lelani had appointment to go to driving school…. yeah.. REAL NASCAR race cars. Again I say.. Thank you NASA for GPS. The clouds were low from the storm and of course the high humidity. When we got there, Lelani signed in and started her class.

Texas Motor Speedway


After the rules and a drive around the track in a van… they announced that the track was still wet and ..”we can’t drive until it dries more.” We waited for about 2 hours.. then it happened……

They CANCELED!! What The Hell?? They track wasn’t drying fast enough and that can be dangerous. We again looked at each other and laughed…. “figures!!” Lelani was the only girl in the group (she likes it that way), the last time she was the only girl in a driving class, she broke the track record… that was in Vegas in formula one cars… the boys were pissed that day. My guess is that the same thing would have happened in Dallas too. Lelani loves to beat boys at “boy things”. And she usually does..

“Well hell..” now what??

Duh!! LUNCH…

So we turned on the GPS and found Salt Grass steak house (BTW we went to Spring Creek BBQ the night before(complete with Blue Bell ice cream and peach cobbler)….  See list above)

Salt Grass

After lunch, we decided we had about 4 hours to kill. Hmmm… state fair, Waco, stadium wandering….. Hmmm?!?!?

So as we were driving to Waco, we thought how cool to go see the Branch Davidian spot or the Dr.Pepper museum… Oh, Baylor University is there too. So we knew that driving that far from Dallas meant we had to leave at 3p to make it back for our flight from DFW… 80 miles away… with World series AND Cowboys football traffic.

Waco is a cool little town. Lots of old buildings and farm houses leading into town. We went to the Dr. Pepper museum and bought some logo wear and tried a drink from the old soda fountain (complete with Blue Bell ice cream… see the trend?) I asked if they had “real” Dr. Pepper… they said no.. what??? Blasphemy!! Real Dr. Pepper is made with cane sugar… instead of corn syrup. The new trend is to go back to sugar.. believe it or not, it’s hard to find.

Anyway… a cool place on the side of the road to visit..

Original Dr. Pepper building

Old delivery truck

Old wall...

We drove back to Dallas and made the flight with time to get a sandwich and board with no worries…..

On the job front, I was contacted to interview for that GM position I mentioned a couple of months ago. I also applied for a couple of out of market positions. OM, on-air and PD positions.

This week I learned that one of my employees in Houston That I spent some time with coaching her skills, was just hired in Las Vegas to do mid days at a CBS radio station!! Congrats Heather!!

I also just read about the world premier of “Dear Chelsey”. It happens this week in Sugar Land, TX as a fundraiser for Snowdrop Foundation. This is my friend Kevin Kline who has been running marathons for Chelsey, a little girl we all met years ago at the Texas Children’s Cure Cancer Radiothon. Chelsey did win her fight against cancer, but inspired Kevin, who in turn has inspired thousands to stand up and make a difference….. myself included. I think I actually have a cameo in the movie at the radiothon years ago. This movie is getting great reviews and showing up at festivals all over the country… if you hear about it in your town, go see it. It’s the story that documents Kevin and his inspiring story/tribute about Chelsey..

That’s it for now…. enjoy the ride, take a breath and soak it in.

Today we re rich!