The turn from Fall into Winter is accelerated every year by a couple of things. The first snow fall in the valley, Christmas songs (boo! too soon..) on the radio stations and trainer training at Brighton. All of which happened this week.. All but one was welcomed with open arms. Guess which one wasn’t part of the “group hug”?!

It’s true, I was part of that tradition for over 15 years. I started the craze of starting Christmas music earlier and earlier every year. Trust me, I get it now… What happened to Thanksgiving? We literally go from Halloween right smack into Christmas.  The stores started putting their Christmas decorations out the week of Halloween next to the discounted Halloween candy.

While was at the helm of FM 100 for all those years, we knew it was time to play Christmas music, even temporarily, after the first big snow storm. People here in Utah really love the holidays… and for good reason. The mountains are amazing with a fresh blanket of snow all the way down to the valley. The resorts are all scrambling to open as soon as possible. Most have been “blowing snow” for a week or so. This gives them a good base. That way the snow cats can move the snow to where they need it most. Covering rocks at the bottom, starting the half-pipe and most likely the terrain parks.

Dumping in the valley

With the snow in the air, it’s time to start training. This week Brighton held the first of several trainings. I’m a trainer again this year, so I get to help teach and hire the new instructors for the next couple of weekends. This is called “Apprentice Training”. Soon after I’ll be training returning instructors as well.. This is always fun, I seem to learn more from the experience than I’m sure I share with the team of instructors. This time of year is always a big reunion too. My ski family comes back every year. Like migrating birds returning for the Winter, mating, playing or all of the above.


Big snow in the mountains... just the beginning

I finally got my skis in to get tuned this week. It is an annual event.. taking off the bike racks and re-installing the ski racks. I used to do this in my garage, but for the last two years, my garage now is a big storage unit with all our toys. No troubles though.. the racks are in place and ready to go into the snow. The next step is to test the tires and hope they’ll last. I may need to get new tires this season too… we’ll see. The Subaru is an awesome car. Again I say.. spread the word.. I’ll be happy to be sponsored by Subaru for the season and talk about its fantastic snow handling abilities.

At the TV station this week (  I got to spend some time talking to one of the guys that I feel I’ve known for years. Kurt Miller stopped by to promote his new movie. Kurt Miller is the son of Warren Miller and former owner of Warren Miller Entertainment. I think I own every movie he’s made. The funny thing is, I didn’t recognize him at first. As we were talking about his new movie he was promoting to bring attention to quad and paraplegic skiers, he mentioned having his dad as part of the movie. I asked him later who his dad was…. He said, “oh, Warren.. as in Warren Miller” I must have looked real stupid… I took a step back and started mumbling something like, “Of course, Warren, oh my gosh.. you’re Kurt.. I love your movies… uh.. sorry I feel so stupid for not putting it all together… duh, ummm, duh… duuuhhhhhh” What a dufus!!! He was very gracious and a great interview. He invited me to come back that night for the VIP reception at the Egyptian Theater in Park City.

Later that night as we walked up to the door of the theater, Kurt opened the door and said, “Dain.. come in, thanks for coming tonight”… I thought, wow.. no ego, nice guy, remembered my name… this is cool. As we came in he pulled us aside and gave us this wrist band that looked like a watch.. he explained that the design on the back is a new technology. You take a picture of it and text the picture to a number, which then hits you back with a short video of the movie trailer and an option to donate to the non-profit organization which supports local groups like the National Ability Center here in Utah. His movie is “The Movement”.. His website is Check it out…

Or take a picture of this..

take a picture..

Now text the picture to 95871

Try it!

Kurt way a cool dude.. and the movie? Awesome, almost like the old Warren Miller flicks. Warren and Robert Redford narrated the movie… great stories and great snow shots.. of course.

The changing of the seasons… AND meeting one of my idols….

(Left to right) Lelani, Kurt Miller, me...

Yes today I am rich…

Holy Crap… THE Kurt Miller…

“Hmmmm, I wonder if he’s hiring…”