So much has happened since my last post. First of all I got to finish the apprentice training and hiring process at Brighton. The snow is pretty good and the weather has been great. By going full-time at Brighton, I have decided to cut back at PCTV. Starting last week, my schedule will be TV show live Monday and Tuesday.. Ski school Wednesday through Sunday. This will allow me to make a little bit more money and do something I really enjoy. Skiing has always been bittersweet for me. I struggle with getting better at it. My list of movements that need to be improved is long and frustrating. I started this adventure 16 years ago to simply face my skiing demons. After breaking my leg at age 12 skiing at Beaver Mountain up Logan canyon, I developed a huge fear of getting hurt again. This has affected my movements even now. In fact today I taught a clinic to the ski school staff and my movements that I’ve been working on decided to show up again. It was pointed out to me by one of the participants in the clinics. This is a funny lesson of continual growth. The harder I try to improve, the more I find things to improve upon. Always working for improvement, never completely arriving or crossing the finish line. This is how I feel my radio career has been too. Lots of struggle and hard work only to be reminded how much more work there is to be done. I’m not complaining, just pointing out how so many things we strive for seem out of reach and hard to accomplish or get close too. So illustrates my personal growth challenge.. appreciating what I have right now, without hoping for more. Crazy?? Never taking anything for granted is harder than it first appears, but necessary for a happy life.. or so I’m told.

So here we go..

Thanksgiving.. I have never been a fan of the holidays. Seeing family and friends is always nice, but the formal side of the holidays has always been tough for me. This Thanksgiving I was asked to work at the ski resort in the morning, so Lelani got to spend the morning making food. I think she liked it since Alyssa (our oldest daughter) was staying for a couple of days. So it became a Mommy/Daughter day. I came home later that day and we had the traditional Thanksgiving foods. Turkey, mashed potatoes, salad, rolls, yams… One thing I have every year is sauerkraut. Yes.. I know, but it works so well with turkey. My friend Sue Kelly introduced me to it many years ago.. and now it’s a tradition. Oh and pie.. pumpkin, apple and peach.

We went over to my dad’s house that afternoon for dessert and to see family. After that we stopped my Lelani’s brother’s house to say hi.

As we got home Alyssa, Emi and Lelani decided that it was “time” to put up the tree. Now I don’t know why I hate these traditions so much. I of course voiced my opinion about how we should wait…. duly noted, my opinion was not taken. So the tree came out.. a pre-lit tree.. and the boxes of ornaments and decorations showed up in the middle of the floor. As we assembles the tree, many of the lights weren’t working… “wait, I got this..” I said. Come on, everyone knows that fixing lights is a God given right for all men.. much like carving the turkey. After the getting most of the lights to work, we started pulling out the ornaments. Our tree is anything but traditional. All the decorations and ornaments are all memories from our past. Like the rubber chicken my Mom gave years ago as a joke, The Hawaiian memories, In-n-Out Burger ornaments, reminders of past doggy friends, past vacations from around the globe, classroom projects from the kids, towns we’ve lived in, gifts from friends and of course flamingos. As we put the memories on the tree, I realized the same lesson I had forgotten from last years experience. All the stories and emotions all came flooding back, and yes the tears stopped by too. Looking at the tree I realized again, that this is OUR tree full of OUR memories. Everything has a story and deep meaning.

Our Hawaiian/Texas tree of memories

I have so much to be thankful for.. and that damn tree reminds me of many of those things every year. This is a great lesson of living in the moment, because nothing stands still. We are already making our new memories that will no doubt end up on the tree next year.

I look at my commute every morning and love what I have.. great health, strong body, great wife, kids, family and a sense of adventure that drives to keep looking for more…

My commute this week...

nice view huh??

Yup my life doesn’t suck…

Today I am rich!!