Picabo Street

Yep.. that’s her. The one, the only… Olympic gold medalist.. Picabo Street. I got to interview her at PCTV. She was awesome. So nice, professional and easy to talk with. She now lives in Alabama with her kids and comes back to Utah to ski.. of course. This TV job is pretty cool. Too bad it doesn’t pay enough to justify spending more time with it. I will also be one of the hosts for the Sundance Film Festival. The TV station  is the official media sponsor, so we will get all the celebrities.. or at least many of them. That will be fun.. that’s not until January 19th thru the 29th.

The ski season is in full swing. I’ve been doing a ton of training at Brighton. Trainers teach clinics for instructors that want to learn more about movement, perfecting teach skills and becoming a stringer skier in general. It’s been humbling and energizing at the same time. The more I teach the instructors, the more I realize I have so much to learn for myself. That’s the energizing part.

Today for example, I was teaching a little 7-year-old boy how to ski moguls. As we were skiing around I spotted a baby porcupine..

Baby porcupine in the snow..

That was cool to see. This little critter was super small.. and scared. He ran into the woods as fast as he could.

Later today, I was a trainer for a new instructor trying to check out on a lesson. It brought back a flood of memories as I saw him struggling and had to eventually step in and take over the lesson. He didn’t pass, but it reminded me of my progress in the ski school system. It was 16 years ago that I started my skiing life at Brighton. This has been one of those experiences that has shaped my life.. So teaching full-time has not only been an eye opener, but a realization of a fantastic dream I have had for 14 years. So being on the beach, not making a good living, being turned down for jobs, being told “you’re perfect” with the offer..SUCKS!! BUT everything else? It just don’t suck at all. In fact, It’s nice! I just miss the fun of radio, creative friends and the fear of ratings killing my salary, friends and lifestyle… umm, no I don’t miss all of it.

What I do miss are the people… so of them. In Houston my pals did their annual Radiothon for Texas Children’s Cancer Hospital. I loved that event… It was an event that illustrated how radio can really have a heart and motivate listeners to do good things. Oh and the forever friendships that were built and bonded there. I still get emotional when I think about my little friends that I met during the Radiothon that lost their lives to cancer. I also miss my forever radio friends that caught the vision of doing good things because it was the right thing to do. Every morning we would have a devotional in the hospital chapel. Everyone of us followed a different religious path, but prayed and cried together every morning of the Radiothon. This is another experience that has changed my life forever.. for the much better.

On the job front, I have started to look at more options. Marketing maybe.. back to school maybe… even radio in other markets. I’m not sure.. I have just about exhausted every possible radio job here in Salt Lake City. That too has been humbling, and odd.

Anyway, the time is going faster and faster lately. I guess that’s either s good sign or a definition of getting older and trying to hold onto all that is precious around me. Soaking in the moments are hard, but amazing.

Oh almost forgot, I saw Jada Smith the other day. She’s married to Will Smith.. both actors. She was at Brighton with her son and some kid named Justin Bieber. Did  I already mention that?

Bucee's Christmas t-shirt

I need to send a “shout out” to my buddy Christi Brookes Monson for sending me my new Bucee’s T-shirt. Thank you Christi.. You’re the best!! Christi is one that I miss from Texas. We were radio office neighbors at the radio station. We shared a very real passion for Bucee Beaver… and beaver nuggets. look it it up.. Bucee’s

That is all…. for now. The beach sitting, soul-searching.. wondering “what hell is going on?”.. continues..