This past year has had a lot of ups and downs… but definitely the experiences have been priceless.

One year ago we were still fresh back from the great state of Texas. After a 5 year roller coaster ride and a format change that left everyone looking for a job, I decided to teach skiing full-time. This was a dream or fantasy that I have spoken about for years… especially the previous 3 or 4. Be careful what you ask for, right?!?! This idea of moving back to Utah was a no brainer.. reduce expenses and keep looking for the next radio adventure. “I will for sure nail down a job in the next couple of months..” or so I thought. In the last 12 months of my radio life, I have applied for or interviewed with a every station in town… and several nationally. All totaled, I have submitted 70+ resumes in the last year… probably more.

So I skied all Winter and had a blast.. the snow?? Oh the SNOW!!!

Winter Morn at Brighton

Sweet Millie!!

Radio/media has been an interesting process to say the least. In April I answered an ad on Craig’s list to audition for a TV morning show.. it was in Park City.. and I got it! This was a welcomed bright spot on an otherwise bleak job search. TV is a different performance and I like it. The GM likes my weather forecasts (in front of the green screen) and my ability to carry-on a stimulating conversation with my on-air co-host Jen Hardman. Our chemistry works and viewers seem to like it. It’s fun and even though it doesn’t pay a lot, I like the experience and it IS broadcasting!

July 4th parade live on Old Main Street in Park City

PCTV has been fun.. I have met some incredible people and athletes.

Kurt Miller

Picabo Street

And this year I get to be part of the Sundance Film Festival….

All Summer long I got to take some amazing hikes!! It was both a great stress reliever and exercise alternative.. the scenery in Utah is some of the best in the world.. and so close.


I tell y0u… I could publish a book with nothing but photos from hikes… maybe next year.

Spending time with family and friends are always so nice to feel grounded and a part of something.

My amazing 93-year-old grandpa.. he still hikes in the foothills of St. George as much as possible... oh, did I mention he's blind?!?

My occasional trail buddy..

The boys.. fishing trip

Hiking at Snowbird

The “boys” finally did a fishing trip at Strawberry.. yes I caught some. We went to family reunions for the first time and just had time to take walks and deep breaths… not a bad life at all!!

As my ski buddy Don Gale keeps telling me.. “our life here in Utah doesn’t suck.. ” or something like that.

So here we are another ski season underway, I’m teaching skiing full-time again.. looking for the next adventure. It’s crazy how every single radio lead has fizzled… crazy. Radio/music is my first love.. I’m not beat yet. I just have to continue realizing that I will have a few more “survival jobs” until the tide turns for radio again.

This month I played with local pianist Jon Schmidt for his Christmas concerts again… it was cool. Sold out shows at Kingsbury Hall… sweet!

My first love.. isn't she beautiful!!

Jon Schmidt show

that's me.. view from side stage

Then of course my least favorite time of the year……

Christmas.. always has been…

top of the Christmas tree

Our tree.. every ornament has a story from our travels and my lives..

I got this from my Mom today.. this made me cry.. and again reminded me how lucky and loved I am…

(my mom wrote this… I’m the little boy who made the ornament in the story)
The Ornament
“It’s the day after Christmas and I’m really quite glad
It’s finally over, but it wasn’t too bad.The grandkids were here, but now they’ve gone home
Our house is quiet and we are alone.

We sit and we talk and you hold my hand,
We laugh and we cry through memory land.

We can’t believe how the years have flown,
We can’t believe how our children have grown.

Look to the top of our Christmas tree in a place of honor where all can see
There hangs and ornament made of clay, it’s the Baby Jesus, that first Christmas Day.

It was made by the hand of our little boy
Who gave it to us with his love and joy,

It’s hung on our tree every year at this season,
It helps us to focus and remember the reason

The Christ Child came as a gift from above,
To teach us to share, to forgive and to love.

I think it’s best if right now I start
To share His love all year from my heart.

With love from the mother of the little boy, and the keeper of memories and treasures. XXXOOO”

The end of 2011 is here.. what will 2012 bring??

More snow.. please!

Radio job? New career?

Continued good health.. please!!

I guess I’ll see… but at least I have my family, friends and health.

Goodbye 2011…

2012… BRING IT!!!!!

Today I am Rich!