quiet ride..

As I sat on the lift this morning, looking over the incredible view from the mountain I realized how much I have grown to love taking the slow, cold, quiet ride alone to the top of the mountain. I always feel a sense of gratitude and humility as I look at the peaks from the top of the Wasatch.

From the top of Great Western... Brighton

There is always a quiet prayer in my soul at times like this. I am lucky enough to call this place my play ground, my office… my home! I have always felt closer to God (some believe to be an acronym for “Great Out Doors”), the universe, connected love or whatever you prefer to call it.. when I’m in the mountains. That’s why we “half” joke about attending church in the pines… only half way joke. The Church of The Mountains of Powder-day Saints is a great place to worship… and play. carving the perfect turn, hopping over moguls, schmearing a skidded turn… all good feelings.

It’s a new year now. Full of new possibilities, hopes, dreams and of course fears.. all yet to be found. My experience is that we never really find these things… they find us.

My hope for the coming months is to have the health and strength to continue to be with the people I love, the places I love to be in and the state of mind that allows me to soak it all in…. living the moments better and savoring the good stuff.. cuz as my wife and close friends keep pointing out.. “it’s all good stuff”..

This next week we start to get back to “normal” with schedules, meetings and busy things that sometimes takes my mind farther from the things that bring lasting smiles… that is my challenge for the new year… to never lose sight of the things, places and people who make me smile inside and out.. mainly inside..

The ride to the top of the mountain is quiet, sometimes cold and always retrospective… but important and healing.

Find your mountain or special place and return as often as you can this year.. sometimes with family and friends and many more time alone to savor the feels that will find you and remind you how lucky you are to be in the middle of it all… whatever “it” is.

Today… We are all rich!!