So I haven’t written for a while. I just haven’t felt it lately.. I guess this is what they call writer’s block. It’s funny really, the first quarter means new budgets, new insights and of course new snow. Until last night there wasn’t any new snow… and it dumped!! 24″ at Brighton in one storm. Almost 3 feet in 48 hours. Awesome!! The snow came down so fast and hard that Little Cottonwood Canyon was closed today for avalanche control. That means that everyone who likes powder and blue skies headed up to Brighton and Solitude. I was trying to get up there before noon to teach and was turned around before Brighton. No parking!! I mentioned that I was an employee… they laughed.. so I turned around and headed home. There were cars literally parked down the canyon for several miles… people were actually hiking into Brighton and Solitude. CRAZY!! I’ve never seen it that packed… so I stopped half way down the canyon and took a couple of pictures.

fresh snow


sweet powder..

The snow is actually sliding too. Tons of avalanche drops every where. AND, more on the way… so That’s good.

Oh I also decided to go for the Cert III skiing assessment again this year. I did it last year and failed the assessment. So we’ll see. I’ve worked real hard to train for the skills and movements that PSIA is looking for. I’ve decided that getting the “pin” isn’t as important to me as feeling the improvement in my personal skiing… but, if I’m good enough to pass the assessment.. I’ll take the pin. So we’ll see…. it’s going to happen the first week in February at Park City.

Oh.. I also realized that all this time I’ve been skiing with boots that are too big.. WTF!?!? The boot fitter i used in Houston put me in the wrong boot… figures. Never go to a ski shop that doesn’t appeal to actual skiers or have a proximity of more than 90 miles from a ski resort… duh!  . Lesson learned. So I’m getting some new boots that will be fit to my knobby, wide feet.

As I reflect on the past posts, I realized that many of my thoughts seem to come back to skiing… or hiking… Of course I keep looking for the next radio adventure, but the universe is still feeling the blockage too.. that has to be the case.

I recently read a new book lately… Steve Jobs.. it was interesting..

I saw a ton of parallels between Steve and my former boss Bob Neil. Bob is the former President of Cox radio, he has since stepped down and is now a consultant working with radio and TV across the country. Bob and I got along fine. That wasn’t the case with many programmers at Cox. Many called Bob, like Steve Jobs, a genius. Having a vision of unseen creative stuff is a true gift and passion that not many share or understand. These guys inspire me to never settle for less than my vision for improvement. The Steve Jobs story was interesting and insightful. He was a tormented soul that took those experiences and used them to mold his passion that eventually formed the foundation for Apple and it’s design versus functionality.  There’s something to be said about stepping out of your sand box and innovating without fear of retribution.

Recently I was asked to do the Mountain Morning show at PCTV during the Sundance Film Festival. Cool right? I haven’t met any celebrities yet, but the movies and musicians I’ve spoken with are interesting. This runs through the 29th, so I do PCTV in the morning and then hurry over to Brighton to teach in the afternoon (when the canyon isn’t overrun with powder lovers).

No new info on a new broadcasting adventure yet. Plenty of resumes, demos and references have been sent… we will see.

So I guess it’s fair to say I’m experiencing a radio/broadcasting block right now. The being on the beach thing has been interesting. The lessons and experiences have been priceless. I really have learned some cool things.

My Cobra runs out soon so I have to make some decisions about insurance coverage. Things are never boring, that’s for sure…


At least I have skiing for now.. pray for snow!