They (who are “they”?) say in life, it’s the small things that matter most. Or at least that’s what I hear. This week, I have experienced a ton of small changes.. and one big one, kind of.

Over the last 483 or so days of being underemployed (being on the beach), the journey has been very telling and filled with tons of soul-searching fun. Looking deep inside is painful and a little bit scary at times. Especially when you realize that the game has changed and this time the same tools and opportunities may not be as obvious or that you may not be the new young up and coming talent you once were.. or thought you were.

One thing that I’ve come to over and over again, is that being flexible and open to change isn’t just a good idea. Inconsistency is the only thing that IS consistent in the media world, life and skiing for the matter. It’s crazy!  Okay enough psycho babble…


Here are the BIG/easy things I’m grateful for:

– Good health (just a thyroid adjustment)

– Great parents that raised me with principles

– Family & friends

– Falling asleep next to my smoking-hot-wife (thank you baby Jesus) every night knowing that I did my best that day.

– The love of skiing, music, flying, poo jokes, mountains, performing…. not in that order.

– For strong friends that are fighting that bastard Cancer… Don, Kevin, Roxanne.. love you guys!

– My radio/media family.. and there many.

– Having a job..  or two..  or three…

– Planes/flying/planes

– Smart people

– Naps


Here are the “small” things I am trying to embrace and be grateful for:

– Fresh powder days (duh)

– Peanut butter

– New ski boots (Lange SX 120)

– Sunscreen

– Warn coffee (not too hot)

– Opening a new Chapstick and putting it on

– The smell of fresh bread out of the over

– Bob Marley tunes

– Carved turns

– No cancer

– Lelani’s smile.. no matter what

– cooking

– Stupid people (trying to appreciate)

– Apples

– Beautiful drives up and down the canyon

– Gum

– Naps


This list continues to grow daily…..


This week I learned that my COBRA runs out soon and that my co-host Jen Hardman is leaving to take a job at KSL TV in Salt Lake City as an on-air talent on their morning show, several “rejection letters from radio stations around the country that I applied at.

But hey….

I have the small things right?? I have learned that the small things remind us of how luck we are to be alive and enjoy the simple pleasures… this is a lesson I guess I needed.