Isn’t it funny how incredible sunsets are after a fantastic day of skiing??? (or any time)

This was my view coming down Big Cottonwood canyon after skiing

I couldn’t believe how cool the sky looked that night on the way home. I have had many moments like this one this season. It reminds of a conversation I had several years ago with a good friend in Utah while we still lived in Texas. Marci Wiser is an old radio friend that has also been to a major market and back again. Her comment was something about the “Alchemist Way” concept. The idea is that you eventually return to your starting point only to find the very things you left to find… be grateful for your “stuff”… I learned this too.. I missed the mountains so much while in Texas. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Texas a ton, but it was really hard to ski and hike there. BTW.. Texas also has amazing sunsets.. the sky there is huge!

This last week I decided to pursue the Cert III rating for skiing again. As part of the never-ending prep for this somewhat elusive certification.. very few actually pass it, compared to the number that try every year… I had to take a clinic at the Sundance resort.  Sundance is really pretty. I like that place, too bad its elevation is so low.

Anyway, I learned a ton and felt much stronger than last years clinic. This coming Friday I go to Park City or PCMR as they prefer to be called, for the Cert III skiing assessment (or ass beating as I prefer to call it). I don’t expect to pass it, but hope to learn from it. At this point, I really don’t care about the “pin”.. but do enjoy the growth I’ve experienced through the process. I met a guy  that has attempted this assessment 7+ times and never passed. He jokes that he will never pass, I asked “why do you keep taking the assessment then?” He simply said, “I like the process… I get better and stronger from the attempt” He was a good skier.. better than me, and so i say again.. I don’t expect to pass.

Today I ran into an old friend from my past. I was finishing up ski lesson at Brighton and hear my name.. “Dain.. Dain Craig?” I looked up and said “yes ma’am”. She said “you don’t remember me.. it’s Kris.. Kris Bird” WOW… I haven’t seen her for 20+ years.. We worked together at a booking agency in the entertainment division. We chatted for a few minutes about the old days, old friends, kids, life.. you know, life stuff. Here’s a picture..

Me and Kris Bird at Brighton (I'm the one on the left)

The snow is awesome right now. Carving is definitely the movement of the day… super fast!

Today was the Super Bowl. We went to hang out with out good friend George and Riley Spargen. George is my pilot buddy who flies for SkyWest. The Super Bowl party was filled with pilots from all over the valley. All friends of George. I spent most of the time talking with several of the pilots… okay.. all of them. Never even saw the Super Bowl.. One of the guys there is a captain at SkyWest. He and George started talking to me about getting a few more hours and pursuing a new career with the airlines. The funny was, I asked them why this would be such a good idea? They said, “quality of life”.. HUH?? Not flying cool airplanes that fly at just below the speed of sound? They said, “well, sure.. that’s cool too”.. They caught my attention. What if? I have 400+ hours, and need to build time in a twin, but it wouldn’t take much time… I can get an interview at a 1000 hours. These guys were so excited to keep talking about how much fun that would be.. I’m going to take a long hard look into this idea. It would be fun. Hmmmmm..

Did I mention I got new ski boots? Or sex toys… Love them. Why do I keep teaching myself this lesson? Good equipment = great performance.. duh, right?

wish I would have gotten these sooner..

This week has been filled with some ups and downs for me personally. Absolutely no job discussions or possibilities.. that’s a bummer. But not new..

Beach sitting sucks if you’re not actually on a beach with a beautiful ocean. We decided to take a Hawaiian trip later this Spring.. so the beach will be awesome with a real beach….

So the job search, soul search and learning continues.