My life on the beach has been a true adventure. Lots of downs and plenty of ups…. I have had plenty of random conversations on chair lifts with skiers/student talking about how incredible the Utah snow is this year, scenery and basic gratitude for where we are. Eventually the conversation always comes around to “What do you do in the Summer?” Or, “What’s your real job?” I usually graze over the highlights of radio and television, then mention how lucky I am to be able to teach skiing for now. The response I get back from these random encounters is almost always envy. Something like.. ” dude, how cool.. I wish I could teach skiing for a year or two..” I smile and say, ” be careful what you ask for..” Then realize how cool this experience has been.

As the season quickly comes to an end, I feel a strong wave of emotion well up inside me. I can’t even talk about it without feeling sad or emotional. In fact as I write these words my eye well up with tears…. **sniff, sniff** This is nothing new, I have always felt this strange emotion as long as I can remember. I feel these same tinges of emotion and gratitude when the subject of Hawaii comes up. And lately Texas… It’s strange I know. I can only explain it this way.. I’ve never been one to express emotion easily. Yet these places, experiences or past adventures have left a deep impression on my soul. I think we all have these places or people… or pets that always spark a deep place inside that reminds us that we aren’t “that” tough and emotionless. Maybe it’s genetic, to this day if I mention our childhood doggie friend to my Mom she gets emotional.. I do too in fact. I still can’t even talk about our little friends Sassy and Dax (our dogs) that both passed away in Texas.. (now I really can’t even see the computer screen to type this..)

My point is that all those emotions always make me realize how alive I am. Maybe that I’m very blessed to have such rich experiences from Texas, to Hawaii to Brighton ski resort. Of course all the places are filled with relationships and lasting challenges that have changed my life forever.

Recently I have been doing a lot of soul-searching.. duh, right?!? With that in mind, I have decided that it’s time to move on from PCTV.. So this week I resigned my position as morning co-host. I can’t justify driving to Park City every morning for a little more that gas money. Needless to say, after a year of doing this I have concluded that if I’m going to get a “big boy” job, I need to commit to focusing my efforts there. My last day will me March 27th.

I guess part of this is to send a message to the universe and myself to really get ready for some changes. I hope these changes will be a new job.. not unexpected, unforeseen challenges on the horizon. I have had an on going dialog with several radio consultants and group executives about possible opportunities. I hope these conversations actually land a positive result or open doors unseen… although it does feel a bit like i’ve been here before… I’m staying positive and hopeful that all things will work for my good and benefit.

Yesterday I had an experience that really made me take a step back.. I was asked to teach a 5 year little boy in our “Little Rippers” area. These can be very cool lessons or just plan babysitting.. you can guess how much I love babysitting.. This little boy was a quiet, smart, polite kid. We connected right away and so I decided to challenge him with harder hills to ski. He did great. We did hockey stops, “J” turns, parallel entry, side-slipping and easy bumps.. this kid ripped… until we went down a steeper run that freaked him out.. so I thought. He came to a complete stop in the middle of the hill. I noticed that every time I a skier or boarder came close he would stop. I reassured him that it was alright and to keep coming toward me… yet every time he heard someone from the lift or another skier he would stop and start wedging straight down the hill. I talked him down off the hill that intimidated him. We made our way back down to ski school where we talked about the lesson. He mentioned that he was hot and wanted to take off his helmet… It was at that moment that I had a bit of an out-of-body experience… my little friend “Drew” had hearing aids on both ears. I felt the emotion well up inside.. no wonder he had trouble hearing me on that hill, or got scared of the noises behind him… how disoriented he must have felt. But through it all he never complained or stopped going for it… Drew taught me a valuable lesson that day. Mostly more gratitude for all that I’m NOT dealing with as extra challenges. Drew was/is a great lesson, and such a cool kid. He never knew that I noticed his hearing aids, nor did he even know the subtle lesson he taught me.

It’s the little things.. this has come back to me over and over..


So here I go, back up the mountain to see, feel and learn from “the little things”…