This journey of being “On The Beach” has been an amazing time to reflect, renew and re-discover. It’s amazing how much you see, feel and understand when you take a minute, or a year to slow down and listen… I believe that the universe is speaking to us all the time. The problem is that we are so filled with Life’s stresses and “responsibilities” that we don’t have the clarity to really hear/see the subtle messages. Being in the moment and appreciating the things around me has always been a challenge. The past 18 months has taught me a ton about myself, other people and especially the my family and friends. The priceless friendships and challenges of being a fulltime ski instructor have of course proven to be invaluable to me. I remember saying to myself years ago.. “what would it be like to spend a year teaching skiing?”.. the universe was listening.

The last couple of weeks and months have been interesting to say the least. As a ski instructor, I have really tried hard to focus on the art of sharing the passion of a sport I love with others. This has been amazing!! I also had the opportunity to work as a Trainer at Brighton Ski Resort. This meant taking instructor out on the hill and showing them drills and skills to help with their progression an instructor. You see, we’re all at different stages of growth.. I have been lucky enough to be mentored by some of the best in the ski world here in Utah.. and in return, mentor others.

Last week was the end of the ski season for. It always comes too fast, and of course it’s an emotional event as well. I’m always sad at the end of the season… can’t really tell you why.. I just am. I guess I always have been. I always have a good cry as I drive down the canyon with my skis on the roof, my gear in the back seat and my brain recounting all the incredible people, experiences and new friends I made this season. At our end of season party for Ski School. I was recognized as “The Trainer of the Year”… holy crap! Totally unexpected. This capped my season this year… lots of hugs and big smiles were shared as we all said good-bye for the Summer.

Three days later, I was off to a real beach to reflect, renew and re-discover more things….. Hawaii holds a very special place for. If I’m not skiing… I gotta be in Hawaii.. so we went to Maui.

Here is what we saw:

First view from our lanai

Early evening stroll on the beach



"Sugar Beach"

"Big Beach"

Kite Beach.. kite surfers here

Some of the amazing Hawaiian food we ate…. so Ono!!!

Spam and eggs for my birthday.. yes I made them.

Teri chicken,Saimin, mac salad, rice.

Ahi mixed plate at Hana Bay

Da Kitchen... so, good.

Places found on the trails less traveled , at the end of the beach.

Every beach or roadway in Hawaii has a path that leads to somewhere… We followed some of those and found some amazing hidden treasures…

Bamboo forest

Hidden waterfall in bamboo forest

Hidden waterfall on the road to Hana.. I swam here.

Spectacular views

crashing ocean


7 pools at Hana

Rugged shoreline

Haleakala crater

Haleakala with the Big Island in the background

Silver Sword at crater

Iao needle

Another less traveled trail..

Giant ferns

Ancient petroglyph. Way off the trail... lucky find for sure.

another trail at the end of the beach..

coral and lava

Ancient sacred sites and shelters in the lava

Can’t forget the sunsets!


tropical sunsets are the best

pretty magical

This was a trip that was very needed and loved. We had a great time. One of the highlights for my wife was that she finally got to eat at Leilani’s On The Beach!

Dinner with Lelani at "Leilani's On The Beach"

Oh and this little guy…

I love geckos

The trail at the end of the beach… 

Always a new challenge and usually some unexpected surprises. Always take the trails less traveled at the end of the beach.

Speaking of trails at the end of the “beach”..

I have been offered and accepted a position as PD/on-air at 98.7 KBEE, Cumulus Salt Lake. So excited!!

I start Monday…. new posts to follow…

That is all… except that, “Today, I am Rich!!”