I like goats..

I thought I’d start this blog out with a picture of a goat, or “kid” to be more precise. I love goat cheese, goat milk and of course just watching them play. BUT I won’t eat one.. not after being the 2008 Houston Rodeo goat milking champion!! (Another story)

So here I am, back at work. Using a computer to write reports, schedule music, communicate with emails, download policies… and so on. I guess it feels like showing up to run a strong 5K that I’ve trained for and realizing it’s a marathon at a sprinters pace. I’m not complaining, it’s just intense. This time it feels different though. When I hit the station front door at 8am, I literally don’t stop until 6 or 7 most days. That includes eating lunch at my desk as I ‘power’ through clocks, conference calls or planning/following up on a station event. I like it.. it’s in my blood.. I just can’t believe how much STUFF there is on a day-to-day basis. I’m lucky to work for a great company that is staffed with programmers who “get it”. But it continues to blow me away that most sales people seem to operate from the same premise.. “what I don’t know (or pretend to not know), can’t hurt me..” These guys here make me laugh. I know I confuse several of them when I beat them around the bush to cut-off the “I’ve never heard that before” scenario. Anyway, life is good.. same old radio stuff. Jocks missing shifts, spots missing on the log, computers crashing, EAS running in the middle of a music sweep, most employees have more than one title.. some have several (myself included). I do find myself approaching this differently these days. First of all, I have more experience to guide or manage ideas that could be better or more profitable and I don’t get as upset when things don’t work perfectly.. life is way too short for that.

This past weekend Lelani had a conference in New Orleans. I planned to go a long way before the new job came along, so I went with her. I did work from the hotel room most of the day doing the same stuff I do in my office.. schedule music, deal with jock/sales issues, merge logs, work on concert support promotions.. and so on. Visiting New Orleans is a nice place to reflect on some of my old ghosts from the past. I don’t know how many times I’ve been there over the years.. but it’s a lot.

Here are some of my favorite scenes..

Jackson Square at night

Gas lights

Back of St. Louis cathedral at night.. eerie shadow of Christ

Oldest apartments in the US.

Love this corner

St. Louis cathedral

Inside St. Louis cathedral.. beautiful!

The jazz at Maison on Bourbon.. awesome!

My old friend Hack Bartholomew.. Jazz musician turned crusader.

I have a picture of Hack in this same spot 5 years earlier. I was doing a remote from Cafe Du Monde back to Houston, he played his trumpet on the air for us and I made a friend. It was cool to see him again.. yes i bought his new CD.

An old communication device..

I took a picture of the old pay phone with my smart phone camera…. the irony is ironical, right?!?

NOLA is always a trip. The smells, the flavors, the sounds, the beads, the pralines.. never change. It was good to see how much the economy has come back since Katrina. Don’t get me wrong.. it’s still a dirty, smelly, funky place.. but I like it.

What hit me this time, was the absolute passion that all the musicians have for their craft. I felt so revived just standing on a street corner listening to a jazz trio, a marching band or basic street musician. Such a funky, honest place.. with plenty of spice and humidity.

The Crescent City will always hold a very special place in my heart AND my stomach. I found a new  guilty pleasure.. “Char-grilled oysters” from the ACME Fish Co. DO NOT PASS THESE UP!!!

Shifting gears….

On this trip I also got news that consultant, drummer, former drum factory owner, Country Music Hall of Fame inductee, radio legend and my good friend.. Rusty Walker had a massive heart attack and is currently fighting for his life. He’s not doing well at all, so if you’re one of my radio people reading this.. please remember Rusty in your prayer tonight.

Rusty Walker Felled By Heart Attack, In Critical Condition

RustyWalker2012.jpgGet Well, Rusty

Everyone at ALL ACCESS sends get well wishes and prayers to RUSTY WALKER, head of RUSTY WALKER CONSULTING, on a speedy recovery from a serious heart attack suffered yesterday (5/19) while biking near his home.

WALKER is in critical condition and was airlifted to NORTH MISSISSIPPI MEDICAL CENTER in TUPELO, MS, where he is in the intensive care unit, and reportedly under sedation, on a ventilator and not responsive. The doctors are not detecting brain activity.

Please send your prayers and good wishes to RUSTY and his family.


Life is short…

Today I am rich.

Love you Rusty..