This last couple of weeks have been filled with the usual busy work stuff, catching up with family and thinking about planning some Summer adventures. I can’t believe that it’s already June!! May flew by must faster than I realized. Now that I sit in an office all day dealing with typical radio stuff, I find myself looking at the mountains and reflecting on all the cool adventures that I was able to find last year at this time. Last year I was dreaming about being back in radio, now that I’m back into it.. I am even more determined to not get so busy that my passion for adventure takes a back seat to my career again. The mountains are so green right now and the trails need my foot prints… TODAY I will leave tracks..

My Mom came into town this week to celebrate the High School graduation of my niece. We got to have lunch with her and celebrate her birthday too.

Me and my Mom on her birthday. Happy Birthday Mom!


This picture makes my hair look like I’m thinning on top… not so.. better not be true… reconnecting with family has been a great blessing since we came back from Texas 18 months ago. I hope to do another fishing trip this Summer with my dad and brothers as well.

This time of year also makes us want to fly Besse.. our little Cherokee 180 that still lives in Houston working at a flight school. We need to get her back here so we can play with her on the weekends. That will be another Summer project that I need to plan soon.

Isn’t it funny how time passage is different for all of is depending on our age or experience with life. I remember hearing my grandparents and even my parents speak about the value of family and friends. Savoring the time and experiences, to live a full life all the time. My Grandfather is 93 now and hasn’t slowed down a bit. I totally admire his spirit and will to find adventure. My Dad constantly pushes “the boys” to get together and kill some worms at Strawberry reservoir. My Mom as long as I can remember instilled a need to leave the highway or common path and venture out on a dirt roads or trail to see where it goes. I have damaged more than one car following that ideal.. but never disappointed by the crazy cool things I’ve seen on these journeys. So here I am writing this blog when I could be hiking another trail praying I don’t come upon a resting moose or bear.

I guess I’m feeling philosophical this week because of the loss of my friend Rusty Walker. I mentioned his tragic heart attack a few weeks ago. When these things happen it always makes me feel so mortal and fragile. So I try to re-ground myself and focus on the pieces of my life that may have been lost or forgotten along the way.

I will leave you with a thought.. I saw the new movie Snow White and the Huntsman last night. I didn’t expect a Disney-type story. I wanted what the story gave. A fantasy story of a familiar tale that was packed with struggle, deceit, hardship and of course good over evil. The story was a great escape for a couple of hours. After, I found myself thinking about how we all see ourselves in a Disney movie at times. Maybe that’s because I have kids and that seems to be my impression of how they view the world at times. All stories don’t end like fairy tales, happy endings don’t happen in 2 hours. The movie took you on a ride that was dark and difficult with struggles and loss. I came to the place that we all want to stand out and be unique. It seems to be human nature to want the recognition of others. Think about it. Good grades in school will get you a scholarship or admission to a prestigious university. Working hard at athletics will earn you a “letter” in that sport… never understood the “letter” concept. Being recognized in business with national or local awards in excellence. We are wired to want to be unique and stand out in something, or be known for something.. even if you’re a underachiever. Religion has engrained in all of us who were raised in a certain dogma, that we are destined for greatness in one way or another. This is a great motivator for life. We lose the concept when we forget that “we ARE unique.. just like everyone else!” Living life as if one day we’ll magically be recognized for our unknown greatness or abilities is a sad lonely way to live.. as we continue to wait and hope for this recognition. We live in a world of great technology.. look at all the artists that have been discovered on nothing more than a You Tube video. Evidence that it can happen, but you never see or hear about the millions who try to follow that same path and never see the bright lights of super-stardom.

My point for me is this.. damn you Hollywood for making us believe that we will all be unique and live happily ever after.. and thank you Hollywood for helping us see that dreaming is good and critical to our survival through this journey. (wow, that is way too deep)

I have been told that one of the things I need to be better at is “managing up”, or brown-nosing. That’s always been hard for me. I figure, you’ll like me or you won’t.. and quite frankly I couldn’t give 4 shits if you don’t. But deep inside I still want to be taken seriously and liked just like everyone else..

Because I am unique and want to stand out… and of course hope for the “happily ever after” story.

Then I realize that it was that way all along…

I will stop rambling now and go hike a hill, looking for adventure and new fun.


Today I am rich! Because I have been blessed with people in my life who tell me the truth and keep me grounded in real-life tragedy, honor, respect and love.