Lake Blanche trail

As I have said numerous times before, “there are two seasons here in Utah.. Ski season and Pre-season”.. we are now in the middle of Pre-season. My time has been split this year with a radio job.. thankfully.. and trying to maintain my running/trail running/biking needs. I’m not doing as well as I did last year at this.. However, I have been able to squeeze in a few hikes and trail runs so far. Next up, biking…

Over Father’s Day weekend we took a quick hike to Lake Mary at Brighton. This has always been a special event for us over the years. That’s because it was the first hike that we took together as a soon to be family almost 13 years ago. The kids all complained and dragged their feet back then. Now we find ourselves stopping and admiring the amazing scenery and smells of the forest along the way. I of course complain about how many people seem to have found this spot too. I can’t believe how many cars are in the canyon every weekend! It’s more crowded in the Summer than it is in the Winter.

Lake Mary and Brighton will always be a special place for all of us.. especially me.

Me and Alyssa at Lake Mary

Lake Blanche was another trail that we tried a few weeks back. This trail is a great one for older kids and takes about 1 1/2 hours to make it to the end. If you hike at a constant pace you can do the round trip in less than 2 hours. Again, the trail was packed with locals trying to find their “mountain chi”. Lake Blanche is a trail best taken in the middle of the week or early in the morning. This way you avoid the crowds and the heat.

You know there is something about feeling your heart race as you push yourself up a moderate trail and then pause to take in the beauty of everything around you. I wish I would have taken advantage of this idea sooner in my life. There really is something about the mountains that re-energizes me… and apparently 50,000 other people every weekend! At least that what it seems..

Me and Emi at the Lake Blanche trail head

Lelani and Emi at the trail head… notice the Buc-ee’s t-shirt.

Last weekend I did a trail run up Little Cottonwood canyon. I ran the Quarry Trail up to the Boy Scout bridge. This was a nice run and a great workout. I decided to wear hiking boots.. somehow I thought this would a good idea for a better workout. It was, but also a great blister maker.. so I bought Mole Hair for the next run. One of the interesting things I’ve noticed, is that snakes are easier to see when running the trails. I haven’t been on a run in the mountains yet, where I didn’t step over a snake or two… no rattle snakes yet.. phew. This time I saw a little Rubber Boa..

Rubber Boa in the trail

I had no idea what snake this was until I came home and looked it up. This poor little guy was injured by a mountain bike that had just flown past me at mach speed, barely missing me, but hitting the snake. He was okay, so I moved him off the trail. Look close, you can see where the bike ran over him.

Little mountain stream along the way

And the famous Scout Bridge.. it was an Eagle project for some scout many years ago, hence the name.

Scout bridge

I’m a better person because of these mountains. I feel very lucky and blessed to have the health and ability to enjoy all this. I will be there this weekend as well.. somewhere.


The station is coming along nicely. Our ratings are growing and the audience is responding. Being back in the business and feeling the need to constantly monitor us and the competition reminds how easy it is to lose yourself in radio and the constant pursuit of perfection… which by the way, you never find. I heard a couple of comments from a former employee the other day referring to how I managed them years ago and how my reputation preceded me. I heard this person telling another employee that “Dain expects perfection, not just from his staff.. but from himself as well.. he won’t put up with any mediocrity..” Hmmm, yea, I guess that’s true. I do demand a lot from my team. My focus has changed a bit over the years, however I haven’t relaxed my constant pursuit for excellence. I do have a high standard for myself too.. at least I think I do. My different approach is to make sure hard work is also coupled with hard play and quality of life. Balance..

Life is funny. I see my parents and reflect on their words of advice they’ve given me over the years. The older I get, the more I wish I would have listened to the wisdom earlier. That’s how life goes I guess. The more we figure it out, the faster it goes and the mortal we realize we all are. I know my kids are in that phase of life where I was at their age.. you know, the “destination” stage. “I can’t wait to graduate from High School”, “I’ll be happy when…” kinds of thoughts. My dad once told me something that has stuck with me for many years.. NO.. not “keep your pecker in your pocket”.. yes, both my Grandpa and Dad gave me that advice on my first date… The advice that has stuck with me is “find the things that make you happy, and hold on to them with both hands”.. this is a simple yet complex thought. I have realized that it’s less about control and more about letting go. Letting go of all things that you fear or question your ability in. “Happy” is a state of mind.. I have since modified my Dad’s advice, “Do the things you love, tell the ones you love.. and never stop doing exciting/scary/seemingly impossible adventures”. This will change your perspective…

Try it.

One interesting thing that happened to me last week. I got a call from Ski Utah asking me to be a featured Ski Instructor in an upcoming article they’re publishing this Fall nationally. I was asked to explain how I teach students to do powder turns.. So I was in the car driving home in 100 degree temps talking about initiating turns, controlling the turn, finishing the turn.. start again. Knees closer, both feet moving at the same time, hands in front… Funny. Here I am talking about skiing, moving my hands as if they are skis as I explain and then hearing the person on the other end from Ski Utah say.. “okay, say that again? I got both feet move at the same time.. then what”

How ironical!! This proves my theory once again.. Skiing is life and that there really are two season here.

Ski Season and Pre-Season…

Today I am Rich!!