I’d like to start out with a picture I took last night….

View above Lake Martha and Lake Mary in Big Cottonwood Canyon

Every time I hike or run the mountain trails of Utah, I realize how luck I am to live here and soak in all this incredible beauty. I loved Texas, but for different reasons. I miss the totally cool people of the south, but nothing can replace views like this. Literally less than 30 minutes from my little apartment. The mountains are so recharging and mind clearing.

The last couple of weeks have found us looking for houses.  The Utah market has been really weird. As we started this little adventure we looked in Murray (where we live now), Cottonwood Heights (where we lived before the Texas move) and random locations in between. We looked at big houses, little houses, short sale houses, foreclosed houses and houses that should have been condemned. I saw one house that looked perfect.. It had a great view of the mountains, circular walkway to the front door and cool floor plan. The price looked right too. We saw the pictures online the day it went on the market, so we called our agent and set up an appointment.. it sold before we could even get in to see it!! 1 day on the market? This has since happened a couple of times to us. So we kept looking and looking… on the advice of our agent we decided to get pre-approved so we could submit that info with any offer we might want to make.

(cue the music… “pum, pum, pum”)

It seems that because I was under employed for 18 months.. not unemployed.. they want to take a hard look at our financials for the last 3 years to see if we can even get approved for a loan. REALLY?!?! In the past we would just make an offer and the bank seemed totally cool with whatever.. I guess not having stable income after 20+ years of “killing it” has an effect on financial credibility. So we’re still waiting to see what we can even be approved for… if any. Thank goodness Lelani’s business is doing well and her income hasn’t wavered. What a funny turn of events… not so funny. Losing a job has so many domino effects that you never realize. Don’t get me wrong, we have a ton to be thankful for.. just never realized that it might be hard to buy a house, let alone get one we really wanted. So we wait to see what the banks will approve us for. Then the house search will continue. It feels sometimes like we’re continually starting over in this process. Just another adventure I suppose…. nice!

The station is doing well. Our ratings show that we’re the top AC in the market now. I’m not ready to celebrate yet. Arbitron (our ratings service) is really inconsistent and schizophrenic to say the least. BUT.. a nice thing to see. Cross your fingers for  me that it continues..

Now more hiking pictures!!

Brighton hike to Snake Creek

Lone pine tree on the trail at Brighton

View from the trail above Lake Mary and Lake Martha

Lake Catherine

And of course…..

Me and Lelani.. my hiking partner through the mountains and life! Yes.. that’s my Bucc-ees t-shirt! “It’s a Beaver!”

As you can see…

Today I AM Rich  and blessed.